Friday, 22 November 2013

Is that a DRESS in your wardrobe????

My Dress! 
DH and I went out Christmas shopping earlier this week and I, me, ME bought a dress!! For anyone that knows me this is a BIG DEAL! In fact i can honestly tell you that in my Adult life i have owned four dresses, each worn only once!  I shall say it again for anyone that might not have been paying particular attention, I BOUGHT A DRESS, AND I felt like a .... (not sure what the word is) Urm I think I felt like a GIRL! and not just a any girl, but a SEXY GROWN UP LADY!  my head is now singing "Hey Sexy Lady lalalalalalala  da lalal!!" enough of that singing business, I can't even sing!!  

OH  look there it is ......... that's my dress, ohhh head in hands with a dopey look sigh! isn't it lovely! Statement not question!!

Anyway we bought other bits and pieces, we popped into John Lewis to say hi to both Chanel and Liz Earle, they were both fine, I am getting a new bottle of Chanel for Christmas...... YAY! love it love it love it!

It was DH's birthday a little while ago and my gift to him was a new pair of trainers.

We have been looking and looking and looking but couldn't find any he liked! Have you noticed its like that.... when you either have an idea of what you want or you have the money in your pocket to buy it you can NEVER find what your looking for! it must be incredibly frustrating for DH, but I guess it means that we will just have to keep looking and shopping (!!!) until he finds what he's looking for, shopmobility it is then!!!

Have I mentioned my mother visited recently?? no, well at least I know what I shall be talking about next time......... cheerio!

Does anyone read me?  


  1. I always read your post :) I love your dress and we are so alike I don't have a dress and haven't had one on since 2003 .....

    1. Oh kath we really need to be neighbours. So which of us is moving??