Tuesday, 2 July 2013

If you ask God for Patience do you think he grants you patience or do you think he gives you an opportunity to be patient???

We had our house spiritually cleansed and WOW what a difference!  I mean the atmosphere has CHANGED!  I'm not sure that I can describe it or even if I want to go into too much detail but ......

The house has felt odd for some time now, and we have been odd and negative in it, which is probably the cause of the whole thing!  BUT maybe not  . . . . .  Since DH's parents died, we've both been made redundant (more than once!) I've been registered disabled and struggle to do very much of anything (arrrgh frustration and 22 tablets of all shapes and sizes, colours and uses - a day yes a day!!!, I shall tell you more about the chair lift later), DH has started up and is managing a growing business which is now a limited company (although we have yet to turn a profit, although we haven't missed a mortgage payment yet!!) well done you Baby!, We have lost more family and friends, dealt with family dramas' on both sides! (if you read my blog then you'll know what I'm talking about and if you don't then start reading!!! :-) )  and well pretty much the phrase "if it can, it will" walked through the front door, climbed on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and pretty much made itself at home!

So anyway we have a spiritual friend that we have known for a few years and after tentatively asking how it works we decided we really had no choice, horrible was seeping through the walls - turns out it was someone else's horrible but horrible has now left the building together with its negative harmful thoughts!

So anyway, DH and I had to say an Invocation with our hands together, speaking together, crystals were placed in the corners of the room and we asked for protection against anyone that might want to harm us either by words or by thoughts.  

We went to bed that night at a reasonable 11ish and got up out of it at 1.45pm the following day!  it was just so lovely and cuddly and familiar that I couldn't remember why or when we'd stopped doing it to begin with.  Amazing Son climbed into bed with us on occasion and it was the most loving, heart felt weekend we have had in a long time!! and that was four days ago and its not changed!  we both feel healed and our lovely house is healing too but we must keep healing.  

We are thinking of both having some spiritual healing separately, we have been through soooo much and we can already see the effect the cleansing has had on us and our lovely house, getting rid of the negativity that is bound to be woven around our hearts like ivy has to be a good thing!   

We say the Invocation if we feel tense or upset but basically whatever was is now not - so to speak!  

Love and happiness are now the way forward, grieving and mourning a thing of the past, cleansing and healing a thing of the future! 

I know it's great isn't it! We need to work at it but . . . .  

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  1. I think that is wonderful ....I always wanted to get that done..... I always rent but I do believe people can leave things behind that we sometimes are burdened with ....Crazy eh :)