Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Red Red Wine! It couldn't hurt!

Well Hello . . . .

I'm sat at the dining table watching DH and Amazing Son, listening to Inherited Dog whine and winge (he's been in the garden running in the mud so not allowed in the house!) Poor Doggy trapped behind a baby gate, ohhh the humiliation of it!!!  

Amazing Son has come home from school and bestowed upon me the compliment of a lifetime . . .  all because Andrea Bocelli is playing in the kitchen and a bottle of red (FOR THE FOOD! don't frown!!!) is open on the side and Spaghetti is cooking in the oven, he said that the house smells and sounds like an Italian Restaurant - what an absolutely fantastic thing to say, I love you Amazing Son and am not embarrassed to say it!  i shall (if allowed to consume enough of the Red) shout it from the rooftop! Ok maybe a little poetic licence there but i do love him! 

Very short post this evening because dinner must be served! Yummy!!!!!

Enjoy your evening! 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year!

My first post of the year - I feel it only fair to warn you, and sadly acknowledge to myself, that you shouldn't get your hopes up - just because this is my first post of the year it doesn't mean its going to be anymore interesting, entertaining or amazing than any other post! I have not (as yet!) been inspired by the Enid Blyton books i read as a child.  Although my lovely naive Amazing Son tells me that on occasion I (me!!) am funnier than Miranda . . .  I feel like i have arrived, had the door opened for me and entered the building, so to speak!  

It's been a while since i last wrote to you and since then Christmas has come and gone (far too quickly but i say that every year!)  DH yet again spoilt me rotten, more about that later!  New Year was spent in warmer climates (again!) which is beginning to become a habit and we have now been saturated in snow! lovely!  

Day 8.  I am sadly in need of a Wahoo!! Day (lovingly named by DH!).  All of my meds (and if you remember i am on loads, make me constipated! if you have never suffered from constipation then you are blessed!) as i have no idea about the rules of blogging, whether there is a bloggers etiquette!! (a list of what can be blogged about or not?!) i feel my bowel movements (or lack of!!!) is fair game! I tell you this because i might at some point unwittingly wander into the un-chartered territory of talking complete rubbish and if this happens i feel it only necessary to tell you in advance i have a note from my doctor (so to speak!!)  For those of you who are scratching your head and wondering blankly what a A Wahoo! Day is, i will tell you it is when my body decides that what goes in must come out and that my house should immediately become a natural disaster area, be cordoned off with the yellow tape (used in CSI!) Until someone in a spacesuit who walks incredibly slowly declares it safe and the nation can relax their shoulders, mop its brow with the hankies they were given by distant relatives at Christmas, and wait with baited breathe for the next onslaught to begin, the process normally only takes a day or two and the cycle continues! 

It is beautiful! 

We gave each other money for Christmas this year, (DH and I) and we went out on Christmas Eve to spend our pennies.  It was a fun filled day from start to finish.   Although very long!   We bought some lovely bits, clothes, shoes, new walking stick!!! (although it is very pretty!!) housey stuff! .......  We were just about to come home when i saw the most perfect candlesticks for the dining table.....  We went to Church when we got back which ended the day beautifully.  Christmas Day came and went (just us this year, a first for many years now!) before we packed our bags and headed for a sunnier climate, again using the special assistance at the Airport, memories of how amazing the service was in November, still fresh in our naive heads because i have only one word to use and that is catastrophic! from beginning to end.  

It was such a horrible experience that i wish i could walk the length of the airport and take myself to the gate!  We quickly put the whole horrid travel experience behind us and tried to enjoy our break but it took longer than normal to unwind this 
I'm a spoilt girl really! 
time.  DH says this was a true reflection of how much we needed the holiday!  The second week was much more enjoyable, we were relaxed and felt free,the first time in a long time.  These past three years or so have been so hard on us and its only now really that its over that we can assess the damage and begin to heal.   We were recognised by some of the locals and greeted with open arms and kisses, this was lovely!  Spending New Year in a different country other than your own was a strange experience initially whereas now it feels like coming home!  Being in the resort we stay in feels like home and the more we go the harder it is to come back!   But come back we did and on the plane coming home DH (who has now been promoted for this act alone!! to Most Amazing Grand Gesture Dashing Husband! although this may be too long for every day writing so may leave it at DH for now!) bought me a beautiful Pandora Bracelet (a purple leather one with a purple flower pendent and he bought a separate charm that says " I Love You with a heart in gold" (look that's it in the picture!) .....................

Major brownie points won with that purchase! Well Done you Most Amazing Grand Gesture Dashing Husband! oh yes far too much of a mouthful!  I do rather think i shall keep him! He bought me a bottle of Channel again too!  SPOILT BRAT hell yes! Keep it coming i say!

We bought Amazing Son a Onesie for Christmas (Don't be silly it was not his only pressie!)and although i am not a fanatical follower of fashion - anyone that knows me is nodding their heads like crazy people at the sheer thought but I love the idea of Amazing Son being in a babygro again!!! SAD!!!!  he looks fab in it with his new slipper boots with bobbles on! lovely!!! not particularly the sexy boyish look but still amazing son to me!!!

I am about to sign off for tonight but just want to mention Alice, she was a blogger like me except she was exceptionally brave, i never met her, just read her blog, but she touched my heart every time i read her.  I mention her because i received a notification whilst on holiday that she had passed away from the cancer that had been attacking her young body!  (i wont give you a capital letter and make you important! EVER!!) I cried when i heard the news and Alice this is a great platform for me to say, i never met you but you were inspirational to me, you made me laugh and even when you were being horribly damaged by cancer you never once felt sorry for yourself, which makes me feel slightly ashamed of myself! I hope when the pain of loosing you subsides your family see what i see, a beautiful brave brave girl who stood up to cancer and inspired people through her journey, i am proud to have had you in my circle of on line friends and hope that your family finds peace in your memory x x x

Seems like a good enough note to end on. Night night and sleep tight, i shall say a little pray for us all tonight x x