Sunday, 2 December 2012

........................ and then there's me!

I have spent alot of time today thinking about my amazing husband and wondering if his parents would be as proud of him as i am!  He told me this morning that he never thought he would meet someone who loved him as unconditionally as I do, and he made me cry!  He is a wonderful man and (although he is truely THE most annoying and iratating man i have ever met! lol)  has such a good, kind heart, and when you look in his eyes they smile back at you! 
He is the man that takes you home in the rain, that gives you his coat when your cold, that plays with the children to give you five minutes peace.  He is the man to make you invent new and interesting swear words just to describe him and he is the man that no matter how angry or frustrated you are with him - when he smiles at you, you melt and forget why your angry . . . . . . you just can't stay angry for long!  

We have built a business that is holding its own - he works 16 hours a day, 6 days a week to make sure we pay bills and meet our commitments.  He buys me flowers from Tescos at 5am on my birthday because he is last minute man, and then smiles and says "dont worry we're going to have fun!"  Together we have built a life that works! 
I have been wondering what his mum and dad would make of their son and his achievements and I think that they would be as proud of him as I am! 


  1. That is so sweet and it sounds like you have a wonderful husband ....You have inspired me to write about my wonderful husband soon

  2. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute. Your husband sounds like an amazing man. Being self-employed is incredibly tough when things go well and almost impossible when things don't. Congratulations on finding such a worthy partner! -- Jan

    1. Hello Jan,

      thanks for the comment!

      I think our good fortune is that our wants are small, but your right it is hard work and occasionally we do question ourselves but we have faith in each other and our abilities so will deal with tomorrow as it hits us! We are a pretty good team x

      Have a good weekend

    2. I always laugh out loud when I read your blog! This definitely sounds like love to me! :) Are you working on that book you said you were thinking about writing a couple of posts back? (Just curious.)