Friday, 30 November 2012

Evel Knievel lol

Over the last few weeks or so I keep opening and closing my laptop in a poor attempt to write a post only to realise I have absolutely NOTHING that is even remotely interesting to tell you, I have a recurring dream where I actually bore people to death!!  huffing and puffing and shrugging of shoulders, more rubbing of brow . . . .  concentrate woman!
Honestly?? i have nothing to tell you??! well no I guess I could tell you that I received my walking stick and that Occupational Health have fitted aides around my house to assist me with daily stuff but I am not ready to discuss this yet, I could always tell you that I have recieved my Disability Badge but again i'm not ready to make it real yet! (obvioiusly not used it yet either!)  I would prefer to tell you that DH and I just came back from a lovely weekend away with friends,  (the sun was a veery welcome treat!) because i find walking difficult i was given a wheel chair to use through the airport, and while I scoff I must admit it was alot of fun being pushed around by DH, giving my orders and pointing this way and that,  no this way,  no!  that way!!  Who'd have thought i'd have a wheelchair.....................Wheelchair! but like i said i'm not really ready to talk about this with you yet! 
My poor DH is frazzled and very much looking forward to a few (!!) days off at Christmas!
Is anybody out there, i'm feeling a little bit cabin fevery because of the ice today although we are going out tonight for the big switch on and Father Christmas!