Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's nearly My Party!

Morning Campers, yes i am in a very good mood, today is spectacularly good!  

Today is the start of my birthday celebrations and i am slowly slowly getting that little bit closer to the dreaded 40!!  

Anyway i was woken today at a ridiculous hour (although the sun was shining, but that just means its at least 2am!) by my delicious DH, Amazing Son and Inherited Dog, "get that dog of my Egyptian Cotton sheets!!" Good grief are you all getting into bed!??  . . . . . .  .  i'm not at my best first thing! 

I was presented with a lovely homemade card from Amazing Son with a poem the front and an application form for a "Special Bus!"  isn't he lovely!! on the inside.  

Anyway i am off to dress and go shopping because DH has taken today off and we are going to spend (not really!!) money!! (it just sounds nice to say!).

DH thinks i should write a book!? Scratching of head and trying not to frown! 

I think i need to think about this!


  1. Happy Birthday ...I hope you have or had a wonderful time

  2. Happy birthday! 40 is still sexy! ;)