Thursday, 3 May 2012

Please Stop Making Me Laugh!

I keep making my Amazing Son laugh, it is causing a problem! 

I keep making him laugh so hard that he gets in trouble with his dad for being toooooo noisy!! opps!! 

He says i am a very funny lady! (rose tinted glasses??) 

Anyway he has just come home from school and his first question past hello mum how was your day; was . . . . . . is there anything to eat, can i have something from the goodie draw please?  As his hand was hovering over the handle, i could say no! that would shock him!  But of course i didn't.

He is on a growth spurt at the moment and is nearly taller than me and as cheeky as a monkey!  He is eating me out of house and home and costing me a fortune! i fill the cupboards up and DH and Amazing son come home and empty them!! ARGHHH! 

We gave Inherited Dog a teddy a few days ago because i thought he might get lonely when i'm not with him, and as he knows what kiss kiss means we thought it would be a good idea to call it kiss kiss and when we were with him he was gentle and well kissed the teddy, he cleaned it and loved it BUT when i went out (only for an hour!) kiss kiss had been ripped from limb to limb, his stuffing was everywhere and Inherited Dog was very and i mean VERY pleased with himself! just goes to show that no matter how gentle he is if he got hold of a cat or rabbit etc . . he wouldn't stop until they too were torn limb from limb! :(   this is why we do not take him on bunny watch!!

Just another collection of random thoughts - sorry about that!

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