Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mother Of Mine, You gave to me!

It's DH's mums Birthday today . . . another first!! Its an odd one really because for years we have celebrated her birthday, a BBQ, a party or dinner . . . . something, so putting flowers on her grave doesn't seem to do it!

It's also DH's sister's Birthday today - not sure that i could get my head around that one, i would probably celebrate on a different day - but maybe not, i would want to cherish all my birthday memories from years gone by - have a peice of mum that no one else has, if that makes since, i know she is going ot find today very difficult.   

We will also be celebrating our daughters 22nd Birthday just one day before DH's dad's 3rd anniversary of his death!

I know its a gruesome week ahead with lots of firsts!!

Its been 7 months since DH's mum died and she is so missed but with her and dad together there is a hole so big it just can't be filled and just when we think we are strong enough, we break again . .  grief is a very difficult emotion to deal with!   

I don't really have much else to say today other than it felt wrong not to acknowlegde their lives today and to say Happy Birthday Mum,  I hope you like your flowers.

DH was sat in the Study listening to "So Much Love to Give" by Freeloader this morning,  he does this when we're alseep so that he can have a cry and talk to you before we get up.  You listened to that song the very last time we saw you in hospital and you were laughing and you said it only had a few words, you didn't have a choice really we put the headphones on you and because you couldn't move you had to wait for us to take them off again! that was only 3 days before we lost you but your family were with you until the end!

We played this song at DH's mum's funeral and it brings a lump to our throats even now thinking about it, but i think this song sums up how everyone feels, so mum, this one's for you,

Mother of Mine Lyrics

Hayley Westenra

Mother of mine you gave to me
All of my life to do as I please
I owe everything I have to you
Mother sweet Mother of mine, Mother of mine
When I was young
You showed me the right way
Things should be done without your love,
where where I be

Mother sweet Mother of mine
Mother, you gave me happiness,
Much more than words can say,
I pray teh Lord that He may

* Bless you every night and everyday
Mother of mine now I am grown,
I can match great all on my own
I'd like to give you what you gave to me.

Mother sweet Mother of mine
Mother you gave me happiness.
Much more than words can say
I pray the Lord that He may

Bless you every night and everyday
Mother of mine now I am grown

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