Saturday, 31 March 2012

So this is Heaven?

OH NO! She's back . . . . .  i know, sorry, raise your hands if your groaning "has this woman really got nothing better to do!!!"  It's OK, go on raise those hands!!

It occurred to me that i live in a beautiful area of the world and i want to share with you some of the local pictures i have taken over the past years. . . . .


This is where Inherited Dog chases the birds


This is where we go to church! 


This is where Amazing Son will be a Cox

This is our usual route with Inherited Dog!

I know there are some very beautiful towns dotted around the place but we live in a picturesque Market Town that is scattered with listed buildings and pieces of history, the square is fairly cosmopolitan with its coffee houses and boutiques, the Library is resting on the egde of the river and well you get the picture it is just really pretty!

When i was growing up my parents would talk about settling down, putting down roots, finding your place  in the world and making it yours and until now i never truly understood that, not the sense of belonging because that has always eluded me, i have never quite fitted in, round peg square hole type scenario but here i fit, my mad little family has a perfect part to play in our little town, we are known now and the towns people stop and pass the day with us or invite us to their BBQ's or sons and daughters birthday party. . . .  pop in for coffee or just pass the time chatting.  I know that there is trouble in the Square on most Friday nights and that every single place in the photos above is flooded during the Winter, it's not perfect but honestly where is but i think this is as close to it as you could get.  I really wanted you to understand why i keep telling you that we are blessed, its because we have found our home, we have put down our own roots and made the people of this town our family, which is for someone like me that has absolutely no clue this is a real achievement ......... This is why i never take us or our life for granted . . . .  we are blessed!!

I feel calmer now that i have shared that with you!!

Is anyone reading this, apart from Inherited Dog who keeps trying to push my hands out of the way???

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