Saturday, 31 March 2012

So this is Heaven?

OH NO! She's back . . . . .  i know, sorry, raise your hands if your groaning "has this woman really got nothing better to do!!!"  It's OK, go on raise those hands!!

It occurred to me that i live in a beautiful area of the world and i want to share with you some of the local pictures i have taken over the past years. . . . .


This is where Inherited Dog chases the birds


This is where we go to church! 


This is where Amazing Son will be a Cox

This is our usual route with Inherited Dog!

I know there are some very beautiful towns dotted around the place but we live in a picturesque Market Town that is scattered with listed buildings and pieces of history, the square is fairly cosmopolitan with its coffee houses and boutiques, the Library is resting on the egde of the river and well you get the picture it is just really pretty!

When i was growing up my parents would talk about settling down, putting down roots, finding your place  in the world and making it yours and until now i never truly understood that, not the sense of belonging because that has always eluded me, i have never quite fitted in, round peg square hole type scenario but here i fit, my mad little family has a perfect part to play in our little town, we are known now and the towns people stop and pass the day with us or invite us to their BBQ's or sons and daughters birthday party. . . .  pop in for coffee or just pass the time chatting.  I know that there is trouble in the Square on most Friday nights and that every single place in the photos above is flooded during the Winter, it's not perfect but honestly where is but i think this is as close to it as you could get.  I really wanted you to understand why i keep telling you that we are blessed, its because we have found our home, we have put down our own roots and made the people of this town our family, which is for someone like me that has absolutely no clue this is a real achievement ......... This is why i never take us or our life for granted . . . .  we are blessed!!

I feel calmer now that i have shared that with you!!

Is anyone reading this, apart from Inherited Dog who keeps trying to push my hands out of the way???

Emotionally Labotomised . . . .

DH has gone away with the boys which leaves Amazing Son and I at home doing homey stuff!!!!! finger painting??  Cake making?

Amazing son woke me at 7ish this morning to tell me it was 7ish (thanks for that!)   

He said oh i'm sorry did i wake you . . . . . Raise that eyebrow . . . . So we got up, shoveled our breakfast down,  grabbed inherited dog and took him out for a run (Inherited dog ran, Amazing Son and I walked!!!)  We walked down through the Market Square (grabbing a coffee on the way, first one in just over 2 weeks. . . although i think I got it more out of habit than wanting if im honest!  I bought my peppermint tea yesterday!!) then over the bridge, the Ragatta will be soon, Amazing Son will play a part in it in the years to come, did i tell you he has just been made the Cox in the Junior Rowing Team, until finally we get to the park which this morning is teaming with swans! hundreds of them all with their wings out looking scary and huge so the three of us slink off like the cowards that we are and walk casually around the children's park to the pavement beyond totally avoiding having to walk through the middle of the swans!  I know COWARDS, we should go home and paint ourselves yellow!!

So Inherited Dog has a run and the odd chase of a bird (really miss DH this morning - we would normally be doing this major wander by ourselves holding hands, discussing the ups and downs of the week mixed with a how's the business doing conversation and discuss for the millionth time the design of the sign writing for the   van?? It's our no matter what else date!! but I suppose being out of the country gives him a fairly good excuse not to be there!)  But he is missed, not so much during the day because I'm used to that but the weekends and nights . . . . . . him not being there i could never get used to it, DH really is, as much as i used to object and I did, vocally, my rock, whilst my Amazing Son gives me a reason to get up in the mornings, my DH gives me everything else!  How blessed is my life???

I shall be taking Amazing Son out to dinner tonight at the Italian around the corner- my favourite place, the food is amazing as is the architecture love it love it love it!!

That's one of the reasons we bought this house . . about 40%  of the property in and around town are listed and if you go into the surrounding villages its probably nearer to 90%, Cambridge is just up the road and we all know how beautiful the buildings are there.  Since we moved here i have no want or need to go into London other than to show Amazing Son the Museums (the Tate being my favourite) or to the British          Library, oh my just the smell of the old books is enough to seduce me into never leaving that building!!!  

A few years ago i took one of my lovely stepsons to the Dali Museum in Spain, it was a little too way out there for him but i enjoy Dali's work and love being in my stepsons company and apparently he enjoyed mine too because he refused to leave me!! 

And of course we did go to the Natural History Museum just last month . . . and i am planning to take Amazing Son to see the Changing Of The Guards because well this year of all years it will be good to get a sense of being English! and i do love the Queen and anything Royal, i know, not particularly fashionable, but i have never been a follower of fashion so who cares??

Have you made any arrangements to have a street party or anything???  me neither although a friend of ours is having a rather large bash so has invited us!  Lots to think about!! 

Is anyone reading this??

DH are you?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cut the crusts off!

So where to begin . . .

Well my diet seems to be static even though i have stopped eating chocolate, or at least publicly,  I have stopped drinking Coke AND I haven't had a coffee for nearly 2 whole weeks, (i made one yesterday for DH and I and the smell was horrible!) so peppermint tea for me i think, although i havent bought any yet....... I'm eating more fruit and nuts than a squirrel and don't get me started on the amount of salad being ingested!

DH has been working somewhere in Oxford this week and having to leave at 5.30am (AM!!) so like the dutiful wife that i am, i have been getting up at 4.30AM (!) to make his packed lunch (wow how amazing am I?) and have a cuppa with him before he goes off to bring home the proverbial bacon!  He has been working with the boys, blokey blokes that swear and swagger so i have been making pretty delicate sandwiches cut into fun sized shapes for his packed lunch and writing little love messages on the front of this lunch bag, in bright red 'you will be read' ink!!,  a girl has to get her kicks somewhere!!  DH says he loves it and he loves me all the more for doing it! (Have we turned into the Waltons?!)

Once DH goes to work I daren't go back to bed because if i do, i run the risk of not waking up for Amazing Son to go to school, and yes whilst i know he is capable of getting himself up showered, dressed and breakfasted without me, i like to give him a hug, kiss and kick out the door in the morning! so going back to bed isn't an option! So instead i sit on the sofa watching really bad very early morning TV in the hope that something.....anything...will keep me awake!  This week this has been watching the weather - I have found this very interesting, really need to shift some body fat, perhaps some drastic surgery is required?? Do you want to hear about my chubby toes and wobbly tummy??

Anyway it occurred to me at about 6ish that i had to go shopping so this morning i kept myself awake by doing a shopping list, i'm not normally  a list person, that's DHs thing but this morning, i alphabeticalised the list and then coloured it in, in red and blue pen! all this to keep me awake!

DH has one more day of Oxford this week then lucky for him he is going away for a long weekend with the boys, (i shall be very disapproving but secretly i am really pleased, he works very hard for us, he needs a break!!)  so in short i shall be getting up at 4.30AM again tomorrow and then about 2AM (AM!!!) on Friday to have a cuppa and a snuggle before he goes! but hes back Monday lunchtimeish so Amazing son and I are going to have a nice relaxing weekend - although I have been asked to go to the theatre with a friend on Friday night and Amazing son goes to theirs to play the X Box!?  Don't think i'll mention this to Amazing Son yet for fear of him dragging me kicking and screaming out of the house!

So the shopping has since been done (tick) and I am now waiting patiently for it to be delivered, Inherited Dog and I are enjoying the sunshine in the garden. . . . . thankfully i have high fences so my poor neighbours don't have to put up with my semi naked frame looming through their windows putting them off their lunch!

I think i shall put the kettle on a have a cuppa while i wait for my shopping to be delivered. . . .i hate putting it away, wouldn't it be nice if they could deliver it and put it away, we used to have an indian like that, DH and I would order an Indian and then settle on the sofa when the food was ready the delivery man would hop over the gate and walk in my flat (after taking his shoes off) go through to my kitchen and plate up the food and bring it out to us! (honestly! he was a very nice man AND he wasn't related to either of us!).

Anyway I'm going to enjoy some more sunshine!

speak soon - don't forget your sun cream!!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Accidents will happen!

DH and I were only saying the other day how amazingly quickly time goes!

Amazing son will be 13 this year and he is becoming the most amazing person already - a boy to be proud of, a boy to be friends with. . . .he would get his honour strips if he was in the Scouts!  But he's not although he does keep asking me if he can become a scout!! note to self organise that please!!

He's brave too!!

Yesterday was not an unusual day in as far as it's a weekend and DH was working so therefore Amazing Son was working, every chance he gets to be with DH he's there, DH and his apprentice and i love it!!

So back to yesterday, Amazing Son went to work with DH and I spoke to them throughout the day, "how are you, are you ok?  how's it going??" and there was absolutely no mention of any kind of accident!!!! (can you see where i am going with this???)  

This is not my Amazing Son!
At the end of the day i was getting ready for Fireman Sam* and his daughter to come visit, when both my boys walk through the door, immediately i knew something was wrong, they both came into the house DH first with Amazing Son directly behind him, almost like he was hiding behind his dad, which he was!!! DH said to me hunni stay calm and please don't panic. . . . . . and presented me with Amazing Sons' face, which looked like this . . . . . whilst this is not Amazing Son this is a stunning likeness to his face!  (its funny because i always thought that if anything awful happened to my baby then i would know. . . do you know what i mean . . . i would just know, like it's maternal privilege or something but i didn't, i didn't have a clue!!)  You know when you see a child have an accident or a near miss and the parent is furious and screaming at the child . . .well i never really got that, not until yesterday, its worry and panic and more than anything its relief that that bad thing didn't happen, that fate's hand didn't want you today and everything will be alright! 

The relief . . . . Baby are you alright.... what did you do? Does it hurt? Then spinning around wildly to face DH in what I can only say now might have been slightly menacing and primal . . .WHAT HAPPENED??!!! (who knows why I declared war upon DH but there you go . . . I assume this is mothering instinct kicking in???)  Anyway it turns out a loft hatch hit him square in the face and DH was up in the loft and could do nothing to prevent it!! DH spoke quietly whilst I held Amazing Son for fear of more damage, all the while my head was in turmoil . . . what if he did pass out and DH missed it, what if he's broken his nose?  what if he's suffered head trauma? what if. . . (i know, neurotic!!) DH still speaking slowly and clearly, (obviously sharing the same thoughts as they hit me) . .  he didn't pass out nor has he been sick, but he is damn lucky he wasn't thrown backwards because then he would have been seriously hurt or worse because the stairs were directly behind him!!!  HE HAS GOT TO START LISTENING!!!

So whoever was watching over my Amazing Son yesterday . . . . . thank you!  


So Amazing Son has war wounds to take to school with him tomorrow (yes you are going to school!!) and has already started joking about how he got them so i guess that means he'll live . . . . Thank you again!! 

Take care of your babies tonight!

Is anyone reading this?

*Again not really his name! too weird!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Adventures of Inherited Dog!

It's Saturday morning and after a rubbish nights sleep (i've been up since 4.30ish, just as well we've had no guests at the house recently because my sleeping patterns with my back are awful, i go from one bed to another, to another and another and if we had another i would just keep going!! you can call me Goldilocks!!) then to the sofa and then back to bed normally ending up in the spare room and the cycle continues until i just get up because really who needs sleep anyway!!

Anyway back to Saturday morning, my boys are at work, they left at about 7.30 with their packed lunch and manly attitudes!! and they left me some money on the side with strict instructions to go to the nearest coffee shop and drink coffee, (although I seem to have gone of coffee, I haven't had one for about a week now and any serious coffee drinker will know this is a lifetime, albeit a short one but a lifetime nonethesame!!) so perhaps a tea, maybe peppermint (i like that!)  find a table outside and sit, taking the world in . . . . .  really my life is blessed, although i think i might have mentioned that before!  And as i haven't even started to read Bob i might take him with me just to get him out of the house! 

But before I enjoy my morning I must first de-poo** inherited dog!! last night DH and I took inherited dog on our normal walk holding hands and discussing the week with inherited dog happily bouncing beside us, running off every now and then to tease the swans or chase the ducks as he would normally do when all of a sudden he launched himself onto the ground and started rolling around like a crazy thing, we were laughing at him well he is very cute and amusing but . . . that's when we saw it!!!! NO!! we cried but inherited dog ignored us he was having sooo much fun, he practically put his fingers in his ears so that he couldn't hear us!!  he was literally rolling around in another dogs poo, (why can't owners pick their dogs mess up!!) Rant over!! Inherited dog was confused as to why we wouldn't go near him after that, we warned other dog owners (he smells bad i'm sorry!) and eventually put him back on his lead and dragged his unhappy self back to the boot of the car, oh yes inherited dog has been down graded to the boot!! No love for you until you've had a bath!!

So this morning i have scrubbed inherited dog!!  He is poo free, shiny and very happy about it too!!  But still ignoring me because he was not allowed in the house last night and had to stay in the den . . . he wasn't even allowed in for his usual snuggle with DH - although we did all go to bed ridiculously early (8.40ish), perhaps this was the cause of my restlessness last night, although maybe not my back was really hurting!!  My DH is working so hard (7 day weeks) although he is away next weekend with the boys!! Amazing Son and I have a whole weekend to ourselves! oh the fun we shall have!! 

Anyway i'm going to go and get ready for my coffee/tea date with Bob and then our charming fireman Sam* is coming over with his daughter later - so BBQ maybe??? when will the boys be home from work??

Have a happy sunny day - I will 

Is anyone reading this??

*his name is not really Sam (how funny!!)

** Seriously disgusting (any offers of help?? anyone??)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

My life is Blessed!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  A day to love and show appreciation to our mums!

Finally its Mothers Day and i get to be spoilt (DH is always spoiling me!) but today not only does DH spoil me so does Amazing Son! YAY!

I woke up and found Amazing Son peering at me from the doorway, it was 7.30am. DH had been up since 5.30am working in the Study but he came back to bed when he heard movement.  Amazing Son climbed into bed and all i can say is Let Sunday Begin, better yet, BRING ON MOTHERING SUNDAY!  

Can't wait to put my photos in it!
Amazing Son proudly presented me with a massive card and inside he'd written "To mum Happy Mothers Day, I love you more than life itself"  BLESS! he also handed me a big bag with some shabby chic wooden heart picture frames in that i had said i liked! Well done DH for remembering! He had already bought home the new Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I earlier in the week, he knows what i want!  Amazing Son gave me another card - from DH's children, i know it wasn't really from them because we haven't seen them for a while but i love that DH thought it was important! 

Does life get better - well yes actually it does, my beautiful Stepdaughter (Who has no idea that she is beautiful) sent me a text saying "Happy Step Mothers Day, I love You" ahh hunni i love you too  x x x 

I felt like i was the luckiest mum in the world! 

This is not the table we sat at!
I was told to go make myself beautiful, (WHAT?? Do i have enough time??  How long do I have??)  

We're going to luncheon at a very well to do Restaurant!   One with linen on the table! So put your Sunday best on!!

While i was getting organised i received a message from one of my most beloved friends who moved to Oz last year! He sounded happy and casually inserted into the conversation that he thinks he might have forgotten to tell me but he had married his long term girlfriend last October and didn't invite me because of everything that was happening with DH's mum and our business (have i told you about our business? No well that's for another day i think!) YAY! Congratulations, i am so happy for you.  Another holiday destination! 

Anyway DIGRESSING AGAIN!! We all donned our best clobber and out we went leaving Inherited Dog  whining at the closed door, jealous that he could not come too! 

When we arrived at the restaurant Amazing Son was presented with a potted plant to give to me later! (sweet!) and our table was ready, this way please!!  Being Sunday we all had a roast dinner, me with the Lamb and the boys had Beef! and yes i had a chocolate desert (i have actually found a picture!) The food was lovely and by the time we had had a starter, a main and desert oh and then coffee we were ready to crawl (no not walk!!) to the car!


We came home and unbuttoned our clothes, apart from me who just put my pj's on! (it is mothers day) and watched rubbish on TV and snuggled some more under the magic blanket and yes DH did fall asleep, but he's back working in the Study now while i blog - i do enjoy my therapy! 

Amazing Son has gone to bed and all is quiet with inherited dog asleep at my feet.  My life really is blessed, i just forget sometimes and get caught up with the day to day drama and negativity!   Think i shall put the kettle on a have a cup of Tea and perhaps a biscuit, i already trashed my diet today, a biscuits not going to hurt!! 

My lovely friend is coming over tomorrow - she is getting ready for her wedding - so all very exciting there and then on Tuesday i have my MRI (did i tell you i got the date?? anyway it finally came through! i know, lets hope it shows what the problem is - so that it can be fixed! because i have to be honest i am totally fed up of being in constant pain!! its just no fun!!) i shall let you know how that goes! but the staying still and flat is going to cause me all sorts of issues!  Diazipam i love you!

I asked how DH was with this being the first Mothers Day without his mum and he said he was fine, but i'm thinking that every first will be horrible and i guess that as long as we acknowledge that we'll be OK? Question not answer!!   

Anyway the kettle just boiled so i shall waddle of to make DH and I a cuppa (with biscuits) and smile smugly at the world!!

I hope all you Mothers out there had a lovely day too, especially you mum!! 

Is anyone reading this??

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Sun has got his hat on HIP HIP HIP HORRAY!

YAY the Sun is out and the grass is green and it is so warm now that i no longer need my woollies to cover up the huge amount of weight I have put on over the winter months, and for unleashing my massive semi naked self (it is Spring!) onto the world i can only apologise!  – obviously i only put on weight for my hibernation but between, hunni can you . . . .?? and mum can you . . . . ?? seriously whens a girl to get a descent hibernation in!  So the dedicated eating of chocolate was for nothing!!!  

AND when i say eating of chocolate i mean that Chocolate was eaten by the skip full (seriously unforgivable amounts of chocolate!)  consumed without a care in the world, UNTIL NOW!!  Its not even Easter and I have already eaten more Easter Eggs then I care to think about. I feel so big that when I walked into New Look, I imagine that the staff are looking at me confused as to why i'm in there, then a look of clarity will cross their faces as they make the only sensible conclusion . . . .i am there to get a present for a smaller person or that they might politely inform me that . .  "mmmme excuse me Evans is next door!!" and whilst praying that i don't try anything on because only two things can happen,  it'll get stuck or worse . . . . i'll rip it!" "skinny jeans who's she trying to kid?" and the shame makes me want to run screaming from the shop  – I should move to Alaska because they always wear big woolie jumpers and fat hiding clothes!  PARANOID??? OH YES!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen i have become a fatty! 

But when I think of chocolate it makes me happy, and the lights in my head set to dim and Michael Bolton starts singing “How am I supposed to live without you???” in his rich chocolaty (stop it!) velvety voice!  

I have been without chocolate for 6 days now, I think next time i will stand up when i tell you that! 

The thing is with chocolate the less you have of it, the more you want and think of it! 

So when I go shopping i don't buy any chocolate because at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon my resolve is fully committed but by 8.30pm the consequences for our goodie drawer not looking like this is, and i kid you not, scary! I turn into a crazy person in need of a chocolate fix! Seriously I am not a person to mess with when i need chocolate! YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!

So as I was saying i no longer buy chocolate when i shop so i thought well if we're not having chocolate then we really shouldn't have crisps or biscuits etc . . . I will stop buying rubbish completely so for the past week we have eaten nothing but this 

and this

and this

and this

and not forgetting these

How good are we??  Amazing son keeps asking if he can go to his friends for dinner?? is he trying to tell me something? 

Is anyone reading this?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Eat Your Vegetables!!

I'm back!!   YAY have you missed me?? We're friends now so there's no need to be shy!

Goodness where to begin . . . My Partner in Crime came up for a few days - i've know Partner in Crime (who from now on shall be called PC) for a really long time i think i was 21 or 22 yrs old when we met and boy did we have fun!!

In fact i think its fair to say that everything we did was fun, the whole working together was fun and the partying was fun and the getting very very (did i say very) drunk, that was really fun, AND in there somewhere we did work really very very hard as well!  But i digress, PC come up for a few days and we walked the dog, chatted until the cows came home, allowed DH to escort us to lunch (and of course pay!) and well righted the worlds wrongs, we also went to the pub (again!) and had a not too impressive Indian too!  THEN PC had to go - i know i felt sad too! but she'll be back with her kite soon enough!! Amazing Son will make sure of that! 

Then i got poorly, the afternoon that PC left i was really sick, really didn't know what to do with myself sick!

Amazing Son will make a very good nurse (although i have been informed he will only be a surgeon, not a mere nurse! i have trained him well - why have the stars when you can have the moon and the stars! HE IS amazing after all!!)

But again i digress - DH and Amazing Son didn't do a bad job of looking after me for the two days i was very sick, although most of the time they were either at school or at work and their idea of eating well was to get take aways!! one word . . VEGETABLES!!! so mainly the looking after was done by Inherited Dog who was just pleased that i didn't have the energy to kick him of the sofa!! and i think because i had been poorly i noticed my back has been so painful so i've not been out of the house that much . . . CABIN FEVER!, (and more teasing about mobility scooters!) although DH and I took inherited dog for a lovely gentle stroll around the park last night while Amazing Son was out, holding hands and everything!! Inherited dog was very impressed (with the walk not us holding hands!) and found lots of other dogs to play with! He chased the ducks, brave but secretly sheepish with the Swans, (thank goodness!! they would have had him for breakfast!)  Happy Days!

We have had two ducks camped outside out house now since PC came, they waddle up from the river and just lay there in the garden - looking comfortable! Inherited Dog constantly barking at them to move or perhaps asking them to come play!!??

DH and Amazing Son are both at work bringing home the bacon, did you see what i did there!! if not you will have to read ALL of my posts to understand  SORRY!! Its getting dark and they'll be home in a hour or so,  maybe i will start to read Sir Bob's new book!

Although i think tonight might be a wonderful night for bunny watch although by the looks of things it will be far to late when my boys come home!!

Nearly time for snuggles AND tomorrows Sunday yay! SPOILT!

does anyone read these?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The big white telephone!

Today i'm sick!

Days like today make me feel really lonely,  i want someone to make me chicken soup so i can leave it and they can nag me and say things like. . .  feed a fever starve a cold (not that i have a cold!!),  in a voice full of wisdom so that i will feel cared for and looked after!. . .  but the reality is that everyone is working so instead I get to wollow and feel really sorry for myself!!

I have been watching catch up TV laying on the sofa wrapped up in the magic blanket (although i think it might be broken because i don't feel any better!)

I told DH that i would help with some paperwork today but i move of this sofa for one reason and one reason only - to use the big white telephone - inherited dog wont leave my side and appears to be looking after me! Pity he can't cook!

I'm really sorry for being such a grump today - i'm going go and kick my own hypothetical ass and look forward to a positive catch up tomorrow!

Does anyone read this?

Monday, 5 March 2012


It has been the busiest weekend ever! AND there have been NO lie ins (I absolutely love lie ins!) AND i broke my rule, absolutely under no circumstances do we get up or go out on a Sunday morning before sunrise!!!!!   

Well on both Saturday and Sunday we were up and out of the house at ridiculous O'Clock..... however we did have a great reason, at least i thought so, we were going to a Super Conference at Wembley Stadium to meet, drum roll please!!!, Sir Bob Geldof!! (I know, you would have clammed up, i thought i might too which is why i had been practicing my just standing in a corner and looking lowly, wearing my OHMYGOODNESSI'MSONOTWORTHY expression, whilst trying to portray an air of sophistication! (try it and see how you do, because honestly its just not as easy as it sounds!) I looked more like someone who had a very strong desire to use the bathroom, superseded only by the need to grab a bottle of water to take the required medication!  Very, VERY sad!!


Bob as I now affectionately call him was one of the key note speakers.  And unfortunately, after all my practising of OHMYGOODNESSI'MSONOTWORTHY looks, DH and I had to leave early and didn't get to hear him speak, although I did hear from another delegate that he was so inspirational, she wanted to donate her kidneys, house and children if he would only tell her just one of his many secrets on how to make your millions.  This being the case my wonderful DH bought me his latest book (Bobs book, DH hasn't to my knowledge been published yet!) so all was not lost.  Although I'm not totally convinced that selling Amazing Son and DH is the way forward! 

I know this is sudden but I'm going to sign off in a minute, 

OH NO but WHY i hear you ask?  

Well it has occurred to me that as i haven't written for 3 days and perhaps you were all panicking about me, phone in hand, ready to call the police and report me as a missing person, so i thought the only responsible thing to do was post a little blog to let you know that I'm OK  (do you see how selfless I am??) and tell you the rest next time, because I am so very tired and need to get my thoughts in order (although what's the point of that!!) and maybe get a little bit of sleep so perhaps I shall fill you in on the rest of the weekend and our grand ideas tomorrow?? 

Although my partner in crime is coming over to spend some time with us tomorrow, she is Amazing Sons favourite person in the whole world, (although I'm not sure that I am supposed to a) know this and b) tell you.  

See you soon.  (feel like we're friends now that you were going to report me missing!!)

Does anyone read this??

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Has Spring Sprung??

It's March, and the sun is shining, could this be Spring I wonder??? . . . . it's astonishing that it's March already, when Christmas is still fresh in my mind.

I do love this time of year, well i love every part of the year but this time of year especially because we get to watch things that appear dead get reborn, and that is incredibly inspiring!

DH's dad would be pottering out in his garden drinking endless cups of coffee waving his virtual magic wand and flowers would bloom! yes that quickly! He had such green fingers, not like me!    

I love watching the colour slowly seeping back into the garden, and the bushes that are today nothing more than twigs will be full and ripe with berries in a matter of weeks.  Astonishing!! 

It is also nearly time for bunny watch to start again!  This is an annual activity where we get in the car and drive along the country lanes counting well Bunnies!  Generally this is done at dusk because our extensive research has shown more bunnies are out feeding then....  Ahhhh life in the country!!  

I'm sat in our garden clutching a coffee surveying our kingdom and I have drawn two conclusions

  • The garden needs some serious attention and de-wintering 


  • It's too cold to sit in the garden, so just going to dash in and grab the magic blanket.......  

I think i mentioned the magic blanket before in a previous post, shall i tell you why its called the magic blanket . . .  well its because if you feel bad, or sick or sad, (there's been a lot  of that one lately!) the magic blanket covers you and warms you and within minutes your asleep.  DH and I firmly believe that this blanket has magical properties because when you wake from your slumber you feel refreshed and loved!  hence the Magic Blanket!

Is anyone reading this?